Manor Racing is no more

Manor Racing announced today that they have not found a buyer, therefore folding the team and asking the employees to go home. Official last day of Business will be on Tuesday, 31st of January.

Before this announcement there have been words going around saying a lot of employees had already left for Toro Rosso, Renault and Haas.


Above photo shows the team’s wind tunnel model. Interesting tidbits show the rear wing seems to be a copy of Ferrari’s test wing (photo credit: during the Pirelli tests at Abu Dhabi.

Under the new leadership of Liberty Media, Ross Brawn and Chase Carey have noted that they want to change the money distribution so the issue Manor had will not happen again. Unfortunately due to the Concorde Agreement, no change will happen until 2020. We can just hope no other team folds like Manor.
I’m Looking at you Sauber


Author: Vind

Swedish Formula 1 fan living in Ireland.

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