Will McLaren sport an orange livery for 2017?

Gentlemen, a short view in the past. Back in the early days of McLaren, the team used an orange livery for their Formula 1 cars. Now in McLaren’s latest tweet they have hinted on using an orange livery again.

(image taken from formula1.com)
The team originally had green and white livery but changed to orange in order to stand out from their competitors back in 1968-1971.

(image taken from reddit.com/r/formula1)

In 2006 they used orange for their testing livery, creating one of the most visually stunning car of the 2000’s. Sadly though, they did not use it for the 2006 season to the disappointment of all the fans who have been waiting for an orange car back in Formula 1.

Their new cover photo on twitter shows an outline of an F1 car in orange, with “CHANGE YOUR GAME” written over it.

I for one, can’t wait for the 24th of February to see what they bring.


Author: Vind

Swedish Formula 1 fan living in Ireland.

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