Mercedes W08 livery

Like always Mercedes completely have an uninspiring livery.

This is how I imagine their livery design conversation:

Person 1: “Okay boys, we need a livery!”
Person 2: “Okay, we’re mercedes so we need silver”
1: “great, we’ll make it gray instead!”
2: “okay but where do we fit our sponsors?”
1: “oh i don’t know, just blob their colors on the sidepod or something”
2: “and their logos?”
1: “just put it on top of the blob!”
2: “GENIUS!”

Photo credit: Sutton images

Will McLaren sport an orange livery for 2017?

Gentlemen, a short view in the past. Back in the early days of McLaren, the team used an orange livery for their Formula 1 cars. Now in McLaren’s latest tweet they have hinted on using an orange livery again.

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