Vind’s Track designs

On this page I will add my track designs that I make for fun. Everything is made in Adobe Illustrator. If you have any questions regarding the design of my tracks or want advice on track layout and design, don’t hesitate to ask in the Contact us page.


First finished track is called Hammarhöjd, it’s a track that is fictionally based in Sweden, just north of Stockholm.

Orientation: Anti-Clockwise

It has 2 DRS Detections (may potentially change to only be 1 like in Australia/Canada) and 2 DRS zones on the 2 northern straights.

Multiple Grand stands including 2 alternate track layouts in case of support categories not wanting to use full Grand Prix length.

Unnamed Track 1

Second track that is reasonably unfinished but I am very proud of the design anyway.

It’s a track that is based on an old traditional track like Monza that uses many banked corners, but I’ve added chicanes and new corners that make it more interesting.

Currently it does not have a name, but if you have any suggestions on it’s location and name for it please do suggest it to me!


Orientation: Anti-Clockwise

The gray part is the original track design including the original pit lane entry.

Unnamed Track 2

Third track is a track with 3 separate possible layouts. Short, Grand Prix and Endurance.
I haven’t thought up much of back story or location of this track but below you can see pictures.

It has two separate DRS zones and 2 DRS Detections on both straights of the track.

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Orientation: Clockwise

The second DRS straight may change as the last part of it does curve.